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1. Activity

S 0560-Y S 0570-Y S 0580-Y S 1070-Y S 1080-Y S 2070-Y S 3060-Y
S 0560-Y10R S 0570-Y10R S 0580-Y10R S 1070-Y10R S 1080-Y10R S 2070-Y10R S 3060-Y10R
S 0560-Y20R S 0570-Y20R S 0585-Y20R S 0580-Y20R S 1080-Y20R S 2070-Y20R S 3060-Y20R
S 0560-Y30R S 0570-Y30R S 0585-Y30R S 1080-Y30R S 2070-Y30R S 3060-Y30R S 4050-Y30R
S 0560-Y50R S 0570-Y50R S 1070-Y50R S 1080-Y50R S 2070-Y50R S 3060-Y50R S 4050-Y50R
S 0560-Y70R S 0570-Y70R S 1070-Y70R S 1080-Y70R S 2070-Y70R S 3060-Y70R S 4050-Y70R
S 1060-Y90R S 1070-Y90R S 1085-Y90R S 1580-Y90R S 2570-Y90R S 3560-Y90R S 4550-Y90R
S 1060-R10B S 1070-R10B S 1575-R10B S 2070-R10B S 3060-R10B S 4050-R10B S 5040-R10B
S 1050-R30B S 1060-R30B S 2050-R30B S 2060-R30B S 3050-R30B S 3055-R30B S 5040-R30B
S 1050-R40B S 2050-R40B S 2060-R40B S 3050-R40B S 3055-R40B S 4050-R40B S 5040-R40B
S 1040-R50B S 2050-R50B S 3050-R50B S 3055-R50B S 4050-R50B S 5040-R50B S 6030-R50B
S 1040-R60B S 2050-R60B S 3050-R60B S 3555-R60B S 4050-R60B S 5040-R60B S 6030-R60B
S 1555-R70B S 2060-R70B S 3050-R70B S 3060-R70B S 4050-R70B S 4550-R70B S 5540-R70B
S 2050-R80B S 2060-R80B S 2565-R80B S 3060-R80B S 3560-R80B S 4050-R80B S 4550-R80B
S 2060-R90B S 2065-R90B S 3060-R90B S 3065-R90B S 3560-R90B S 4550-R90B S 5540-R90B
S 1565-B S 2065-B S 3060-B S 4050-B S 4055-B S 4550-B S 5540-B
S 1555-B10G S 2055-B10G S 3050-B10G S 3060-B10G S 4050-B10G S 5045-B10G S 5540-B10G
S 2050-B50G S 2060-B50G S 3050-B50G S 3055-B50G S 4050-B50G S 5040-B50G S 5540-B50G
S 1055-B90G S 2060-B90G S 3050-B90G S 3060-B90G S 4050-B90G S 5040-B90G S 5540-B90G
S 1050-G10Y S 1060-G10Y S 1070-G10Y S 2060-G10Y S 3560-G10Y S 4550-G10Y S 5540-G10Y
S 1050-G30Y S 1060-G30Y S 1070-G30Y S 2070-G30Y S 3060-G30Y S 4050-G30Y S 5040-G30Y
S 1050-G50Y S 1060-G50Y S 1070-G50Y S 2070-G50Y S 3060-G50Y S 4050-G50Y S 5040-G50Y
S 1050-G70Y S 1060-G70Y S 1075-G70Y S 2060-G70Y S 2070-G70Y S 3060-G70Y S 4050-G70Y
S 0560-G90Y S 0570-G90Y S 1060-G90Y S 1070-G90Y S 2060-G90Y S 2070-G90Y S 3050-G90Y


S 0505-Y S 0510-Y S 0520-Y S 0530-Y S 0540-Y S 0550-Y S 1060-Y
S 0505-Y10R S 0510-Y10R S 0520-Y10R S 0530-Y10R S 0540-Y10R S 0550-Y10R S 1060-Y10R
S 0505-Y20R S 0510-Y20R S 0520-Y20R S 0530-Y20R S 0540-Y20R S 0550-Y20R S 1060-Y20R
S 0505-Y30R S 0510-Y30R S 0520-Y30R S 0530-Y30R S 0540-Y30R S 0550-Y30R S 1060-Y30R
S 0505-Y50R S 0510-Y50R S 0520-Y50R S 0530-Y50R S 0540-Y50R S 0550-Y50R S 1060-Y50R
S 0505-Y70R S 0510-Y70R S 0520-Y70R S 0530-Y70R S 0540-Y70R S 0550-Y70R S 1060-Y70R
S 0505-Y90R S 0510-Y90R S 0520-Y90R S 0530-Y90R S 0540-Y90R S 0550-Y90R S 1060-Y90R
S 0505-R10B S 0510-R10B S 0520-R10B S 0530-R10B S 0540-R10B S 0550-R10B S 1060-R10B
S 0505-R30B S 0510-R20B S 0520-R30B S 0530-R30B S 0540-R30B S 1040-R30B S 1050-R30B
S 0505-R40B S 0510-R40B S 0520-R40B S 0530-R40B S 1040-R40B S 1050-R40B S 2050-R40B
S 0505-R50B S 0510-R50B S 0520-R50B S 0530-R50B S 1040-R50B S 2050-R50B S 3050-R50B
S 0505-R60B S 0510-R60B S 0520-R60B S 0525-R60B S 1040-R60B S 2050-R60B S 3050-R60B
S 0505-R70B S 0510-R70B S 0520-R70B S 0525-R70B S 1040-R70B S 1550-R70B S 2050-R70B
S 0505-R80B S 0510-R80B S 0520-R80B S 0530-R80B S 1040-R80B S 1550-R80B S 1555-R80B
S 0505-R90B S 0510-R90B S 0520-R90B S 0530-R90B S 0540-R90B S 1050-R90B S 1560-R90B
S 0505-B S 0510-B S 0520-B S 0530-B S 0540-B S 1050-B S 1060-B
S 0505-B10G S 0510-B10G S 0520-B10G S 0530-B10G S 0540-B10G S 1050-B10G S 2050-B10G
S 0505-B50G S 0510-B50G S 0520-B50G S 0530-B50G S 1040-B50G S 1050-B50G S 2060-B50G
S 0505-G S 0510-B90G S 0520-B90G S 0530-B90G S 1040-B90G S 1050-B90G S 2050-B90G
S 0505-G10Y S 0510-G10Y S 0520-G10Y S 0530-G10Y S 0540-G10Y S 0550-G10Y S 0560-G10Y
S 0505-G30Y S 0510-G30Y S 0520-G30Y S 0530-G30Y S 0540-G30Y S 0550-G30Y S 0560-G30Y
S 0560-G50Y S 0505-G50Y S 0510-G50Y S 0520-G50Y S 0530-G50Y S 0540-G50Y S 0550-G50Y
S 0505-G70Y S 0510-G70Y S 0520-G70Y S 0530-G70Y S 0540-G70Y S 0550-G70Y S 0560-G70Y
S 0505-G80Y S 0510-G80Y S 0520-G80Y S 0530-G80Y S 0540-G80Y S 0550-G80Y S 0560-G80Y
S 0505-G90Y S 0510-G90Y S 0520-G90Y S 0530-G90Y S 0540-G90Y S 0550-G90Y S 1060-G90Y


S 1010-Y S 1020-Y S 1030-Y S 1040-Y S 1050-Y S 2040-Y S 3040-Y
S 1010-Y10R S 1020-Y10R S 1030-Y10R S 1040-Y10R S 1050-Y10R S 2050-Y10R S 3040-Y10R
S 1010-Y30R S 1020-Y30R S 1030-Y30R S 1040-Y30R S 1050-Y30R S 2050-Y30R S 3040-Y30R
S 1010-Y50R S 1020-Y50R S 1030-Y50R S 1040-Y50R S 1050-Y50R S 2040-Y50R S 3040-Y50R
S 1010-Y70R S 1020-Y70R S 1030-Y70R S 1040-Y70R S 1050-Y70R S 2050-Y70R S 3050-Y70R
S 1010-Y90R S 1020-Y90R S 1030-Y90R S 1040-Y90R S 2040-Y90R S 3040-Y90R S 4040-Y90R
S 1010-R10B S 1020-R10B S 1030-R10B S 1040-R10B S 2040-R10B S 3040-R10B S 4040-R10B
S 1010-R30B S 1020-R30B S 1030-R30B S 1040-R30B S 2040-R30B S 3040-R30B S 4040-R30B
S 1010-R40B S 1020-R40B S 1030-R40B S 1040-R40B S 2040-R40B S 3040-R40B S 4040-R40B
S 1010-R50B S 1020-R50B S 1030-R50B S 1040-R50B S 2040-R50B S 3040-R50B S 4040-R50B
S 1010-R60B S 1020-R60B S 1030-R60B S 1040-R60B S 2040-R60B S 3040-R60B S 4040-R60B
S 1010-R70B S 1020-R70B S 1030-R70B S 1040-R70B S 2040-R70B S 3040-R70B S 4040-R70B
S 1010-R80B S 1020-R80B S 1030-R80B S 2040-R80B S 3040-R80B S 4040-R80B S 5040-R80B
S 1010-R90B S 1020-R90B S 1030-R90B S 2040-R90B S 3040-R90B S 4040-R90B S 5040-R90B
S 1010-B S 1020-B S 1030-B S 1040-B S 2040-B S 3040-B S 4040-B
S 1010-B10G S 1020-B10G S 1030-B10G S 1040-B10G S 2040-B10G S 3040-B10G S 4040-B10G
S 1010-B50G S 1020-B50G S 1030-B50G S 1040-B50G S 2040-B50G S 3040-B50G S 4040-B50G
S 1010-B90G S 1020-B90G S 1030-B90G S 1040-B90G S 2040-B90G S 3040-B90G S 4040-B90G
S 1010-G10Y S 1020-G10Y S 1030-G10Y S 1040-G10Y S 2040-G10Y S 3040-G10Y S 4040-G10Y
S 1010-G30Y S 1020-G30Y S 1030-G30Y S 1040-G30Y S 2040-G30Y S 3040-G30Y S 4040-G30Y
S 1010-G50Y S 1020-G50Y S 1030-G50Y S 1040-G50Y S 2040-G50Y S 3040-G50Y S 4040-G50Y
S 1010-G70Y S 1020-G70Y S 1030-G70Y S 1040-G70Y S 2040-G70Y S 3040-G70Y S 4040-G70Y
S 1010-G90Y S 1020-G90Y S 1030-G90Y S 1040-G90Y S 1050-G90Y S 2040-G90Y S 3040-G90Y

4. Creativity

S 2010-Y S 2020-Y S 2030-Y S 3030-Y S 4030-Y S 5030-Y S 6030-Y
S 2010-Y10R S 2020-Y10R S 2030-Y10R S 3030-Y10R S 4030-Y10R S 5030-Y10R S 6030-Y10R
S 2010-Y30R S 2020-Y30R S 2030-Y30R S 3030-Y30R S 4030-Y30R S 5030-Y30R S 6030-Y30R
S 2010-Y50R S 2020-Y50R S 2030-Y50R S 3030-Y50R S 4030-Y50R S 5030-Y50R S 6030-Y50R
S 2010-Y70R S 2020-Y70R S 2030-Y70R S 3030-Y70R S 4030-Y70R S 5030-Y70R S 5040-Y70R
S 2010-Y90R S 2020-Y90R S 2030-Y90R S 3030-Y90R S 4030-Y90R S 5030-Y90R S 5540-Y90R
S 2010-R10B S 2020-R10B S 2030-R10B S 3030-R10B S 4030-R10B S 5030-R10B S 5040-R30B
S 2010-R30B S 2020-R30B S 2030-R30B S 3030-R30B S 4030-R30B S 5030-R30B S 5040-R20B
S 2010-R50B S 2020-R50B S 2030-R50B S 3030-R50B S 4030-R50B S 5030-R50B S 6030-R50B
S 2010-R60B S 2020-R60B S 2030-R60B S 3030-R60B S 4030-R60B S 5030-R60B S 6030-R60B
S 2010-R70B S 2020-R70B S 2030-R70B S 3030-R70B S 4030-R70B S 5030-R70B S 6030-R70B
S 2010-R90B S 2020-R90B S 2030-R90B S 3030-R90B S 4030-R90B S 5030-R90B S 6030-R90B
S 2010-B10G S 2020-B10G S 2030-B10G S 3030-B10G S 4030-B10G S 5030-B10G S 6030-B10G
S 2010-B50G S 2020-B50G S 2030-B50G S 3030-B50G S 4030-B50G S 5030-B50G S 6030-B50G
S 2010-B90G S 2020-B90G S 2030-B90G S 3030-B90G S 4030-B90G S 5030-B90G S 6030-B90G
S 2010-G10Y S 2020-G10Y S 2030-G10Y S 3030-G10Y S 4030-G10Y S 5030-G10Y S 6030-G10Y
S 2010-G30Y S 2020-G30Y S 2030-G30Y S 3030-G30Y S 4030-G30Y S 5030-G30Y S 6030-G30Y
S 2010-G50Y S 2020-G50Y S 2030-G50Y S 3030-G50Y S 4030-G50Y S 5030-G50Y S 6030-G50Y
S 2010-G70Y S 2020-G70Y S 2030-G70Y S 3030-G70Y S 4030-G70Y S 5030-G70Y S 6030-G70Y
S 2010-G90Y S 2020-G90Y S 2030-G90Y S 3030-G90Y S 4030-G90Y S 5030-G90Y S 6030-G90Y

5. Relaxation

S 3010-Y S 3020-Y10R S 4020-Y10R S 5020-Y10R S 6020-Y10R S 7020-Y10R S 8010-Y10R
S 3010-Y30R S 3020-Y30R S 4020-Y30R S 5020-Y30R S 6020-Y20R S 7020-Y30R S 7020-Y30R
S 3010-Y50R S 3020-Y50R S 4020-Y50R S 5020-Y50R S 6020-Y50R S 7020-Y50R S 8010-Y50R
S 3010-Y70R S 3020-Y70R S 4020-Y70R S 5020-Y70R S 6020-Y70R S 7020-Y70R S 7020-Y70R
S 3010-Y90R S 3020-Y90R S 4020-Y90R S 5020-Y90R S 6020-Y90R S 6030-Y90R S 7020-Y90R
S 3010-R10B S 3020-R10B S 4020-R10B S 5020-R10B S 6020-R10B S 7020-R S 8010-Y90R
S 3010-R30B S 3020-R30B S 4020-R30B S 5020-R30B S 6020-R30B S 7020-R30B S 8010-R30B
S 3010-R50B S 3020-R50B S 4020-R50B S 5020-R50B S 6020-R50B S 7020-R50B S 8010-R50B
S 3010-R60B S 3020-R70B S 4020-R70B S 5020-R70B S 6020-R70B S 7020-R70B S 8010-R70B
S 3010-R90B S 3020-R90B S 4020-R90B S 5020-R90B S 6020-R90B S 7020-R90B S 7020-R80B
S 3010-B10G S 3020-B10G S 4020-B10G S 5020-B10G S 6020-B10G S 7020-B10G S 8010-B10G
S 3010-B50G S 3020-B50G S 4020-B50G S 5020-B50G S 6020-B50G S 6035-B50G S 6530-B50G
S 3010-B90G S 3020-B90G S 4020-B90G S 5020-B90G S 6020-B90G S 7020-B90G S 8010-B90G
S 3010-G10Y S 3020-G10Y S 4020-G10Y S 5020-G10Y S 5020-G10Y S 6020-G10Y S 6530-G10Y
S 7020-G10Y S 3010-G30Y S 3020-G30Y S 4020-G30Y S 5020-G30Y S 6020-G30Y S 7020-G30Y
S 3010-G50Y S 3020-G50Y S 4020-G50Y S 5020-G50Y S 6020-G50Y S 6530-G50Y S 8010-G50Y
S 3010-G70Y S 3020-G70Y S 4020-G70Y S 5020-G70Y S 6020-G70Y S 7020-G70Y S 8010-G70Y

6. Concentration

S 2005-Y20R S 3005-Y20R S 4005-Y20R S 5005-Y20R S 6005-Y20R S 7005-Y20R S 8005-Y20R
S 2005-Y80R S 3005-Y80R S 4005-Y80R S 5005-Y80R S 6005-Y80R S 7005-Y80R S 8005-Y80R
S 2005-R20B S 3005-R20B S 4005-R20B S 5005-R20B S 6005-R20B S 7005-R20B S 8005-R20B
S 2005-R50B S 3005-R50B S 4005-R50B S 5005-R50B S 6005-R50B S 7005-R50B S 8005-R50B
S 2005-R80B S 3005-R80B S 4005-R80B S 5005-R80B S 6005-R80B S 7005-R80B S 8005-R80B
S 2005-B80G S 3005-B80G S 4005-B80G S 5005-B80G S 6005-B80G S 7005-B80G S 8005-B80G
S 2005-G20Y S 3005-G20Y S 4005-G20Y S 5005-G20Y S 6005-G20Y S 7005-G20Y S 8005-G20Y
S 2005-G70Y S 3005-G70Y S 4005-G70Y S 5005-G70Y S 6005-G70Y S 7005-G70Y S 8005-G70Y

7. Dreaming

S 1005-Y10R S 2005-Y10R S 3010-Y10R S 4010-Y10R S 5010-Y10R S 6010-Y10R S 7010-Y10R
S 1005-Y60R S 2005-Y60R S 3010-Y60R S 4010-Y50R S 5010-Y50R S 6010-Y50R S 7010-Y50R
S 1005-R S 2005-R S 3010-R S 4010-Y90R S 5010-Y90R S 6010-Y90R S 7010-Y90R
S 1005-R40B S 2005-R40B S 3010-R40B S 4010-R30B S 5010-R30B S 6010-R30B S 7010-R30B
S 1005-R70B S 2005-R70B S 3010-R70B S 4010-R70B S 5010-R70B S 6010-R70B S 7010-R70B
S 1005-B S 2005-B S 3010-B S 4010-B10G S 5010-B10G S 6010-B10G S 7010-B10G
S 1005-G S 2005-G S 3010-G S 4010-B90G S 5010-B90G S 6010-B90G S 7010-B90G
S 1005-G40Y S 2005-G40Y S 3010-G40Y S 4010-G30Y S 5010-G30Y S 6010-G30Y S 7010-G30Y
S 1005-G80Y S 2005-G80Y S 3010-G80Y S 4010-G70Y S 5010-G70Y S 6010-G70Y S 7010-G70Y

8. Reflection

S 0503-G94Y S 0502-Y S 1002-Y S 1502-Y S 2502-Y S 4502-Y S 6502-Y
S 0502-Y46R S 0502-Y50R S 1002-Y50R S 1502-Y50R S 3502-Y S 5502-Y S 7502-Y
S 0402-Y72R S 0502-R S 1002-R S 1502-R S 3502-R S 5502-R S 7502-R
S 0601-Y72R S 0502-R50B S 1002-R50B S 1502-R50B S 2502-R S 4502-R S 6502-R
S 0402-G03Y S 0502-B S 1002-B S 1502-B S 2502-B S 4502-B S 6502-B
S 0603-B62G S 0502-B50G S 1002-B50G S 1502-B50G S 3502-B S 5502-B S 7502-B
S 0602-G13Y S 0502-G S 1002-G S 1502-G S 3502-G S 5502-G S 7502-G
S 0503-G62Y S 0502-G50Y S 1002-G50Y S 1502-G50Y S 2502-G S 4502-G S 6502-G

9. Rationality

S 0500-N S 2000-N S 3500-N S 5000-N S 6500-N S 8000-N
S 1000-N S 2500-N S 4000-N S 5500-N S 7000-N S 8500-N
S 1500-N S 3000-N S 4500-N S 6000-N S 7500-N S 9000-N

10. Subtlety

0501-Y20R S 0500-N 0701-Y24R S 1000-N
1101-G73Y S 1500-N 1400-N S 2000-N
0402-G03Y S 0502-B 0603-B62G S 0502-B50G
0602-G13Y S 0502-G 0503-G62Y S 0502-G50Y
0402-Y72R S 0502-R 0601-Y72R S 0502-R50B
0503-G94Y S 0502-Y 0502-Y46R S 0502-Y50R
0604-R20B S 0505-R10B 0502-R23B S 0505-R30B
0604-R23B S 0505-R40B 0602-R28B S 0505-R50B
0602-R74B S 0505-R60B 0601-B78G S 0505-R70B
0502-B02G S 0505-R80B 0603-B S 0505-R90B
0505-B10G S 0505-B 0505-B53G S 0505-B20G
0503-B89G S 0505-B50G
0404-G98Y S 0505-Y 0504-G97Y S 0505-Y10R
0504-Y14R S 0505-Y20R 0504-Y27R S 0505-Y30R
0504-Y42R S 0505-Y50R 0404-Y57R S 0505-Y60R
0604-Y67R S 0505-Y70R 0403-Y77R S 0505-Y90R
0405-G21Y S 0505-G 0505-G18Y S 0505-G10Y
0504-G48Y S 0505-G30Y 0405-G50Y S 0505-G50Y
0403-G87Y S 0505-G70Y 0304-G80Y S 0505-G80Y
0404-G93Y S 0505-G90Y
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